Leopold FC660c Review

Leopold FC660C Review – Comparison & More!

The Leopold FC660C mechanical keyboard makes typing a lot easier and more comfortable. Mechanical keyboards feature more feedback, deeper key travel and more space between in comparison to normal laptop keyboards.

While there are many options when it comes to choosing a mechanical keyboard, not all of them are made to perform equally. Leopold FC660C is one of the most popular and trusted choices among computer users who prefer using mechanical keyboards.

In this review, we take a closer look at this product and compare its features and advantages with other products in the line to help you make a wiser decision.

Leopold FC660C Review – UPDATED in 2020

The Leopold FC660C is a 65% keyboard, meaning it has arrow keys, but no numpad or function keys at the top.

It features arrow keys alongside additional INS and DEL keys on the right side. The keyboard also comes with DIP switches that allow changing the default behavior of different keys.

This allows you to swap key positions if they’re inconvenient or if you need a customized gaming experience. Its layout is pretty similar to a laptop keyboard, making it easy to switch to it.

The keyboard features Topre technology and provides an amazing typing experience.

The keys are rated as 45g and perform extremely well. The default switches make plenty of clicking sounds but give the feel of the excellent Topre switches.

You can pay around 10 dollars extra in order to get the Topre Silent switches. In most cases they are the preferred choice and we recommend you shill out the extra tenner for them.

Leopold FC660c vs FC660m

The keyboard features PBT keycaps and doesn’t have any LED lighting. It is a standard keyboard with keycaps feeling assured and carrying weight, so you are unlikely to accidentally press an unwanted key.

The keycaps surface is pretty comfortable and you can feel the fingers gliding gracefully from one key to another. This makes the keyboard a favorite among many gaming fans.

The design of Leopold FC660C is intended to serve people on the go. It is easy to use, portable and a high-quality mechanical keyboard that provides an amazing typing experience.

You can get the keyboard in a few different colors including black, grey, white and blue.

Leopold FC660C Keycaps – What should you know?

Leopold FC660C uses Topre switches which are a mix of mechanical and rubber dome switches. These switches consist of mechanical components but are covered under a rubber dome that protects the switch. They offer a mechanical feel and combine it with the durability of a rubber dome switch.

The Leopold FC660C keycaps consist of PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) which last longer than any other keycap material.

They are far more durable and built to last for years to come. They are also more expensive in comparison to other types of keycaps and materials.

The PBT stock caps come in dark brown with gold lettering. They have a great profile and amazing feel of the material.

However, users report they would prefer high-quality dye-sublimated caps with attractive background colors.

Such keycaps could enhance the legibility and look of the keyboard. They also want to see affordable alternatives for Topre keycaps for this keyboard.

This keyboard is without a doubt a premium mechanical keyboard. This means you can expect to pay a hefty amount of money for it.

However we think the Topre keycaps are the only ones worth it for this amazing quality mechanical keyboard.

Leopold FC660C Silent Switches

The Leopold FC660C is the perfect ambassador of the brand. With Topre switches, sturdy construction and PBT keycaps, this keyboard has become a huge favorite today.

The Leopold FC660C comes with 45g Topre switches known for their superior quality feel and typing experience.

They are plate-mounted and provide better stability. Alternatively you can pay a premium to get the Topre Silent switches to reduce the sound while typing.

The keyboard case is made out of solid plastic and features four rubber feet on the bottom that keep the keyboard stable on almost any surface.

This keyboard features full PBT dye-sub black keycaps for the black version and blue and grey keycaps for the B&G version. The keyboard also includes a cable and two spare keycaps namely Ctrl and Caps Lock that you can switch out depending on preference.

Leopold FC660C versus FC660M

The Leopold FC660C and FC660M are not the same keyboard and contain different switch types. They are two entirely different keyboards built from the ground up.

They resemble each other due to their mini layout and matching color schemes. The construction of the two keyboards also seems to be similar with each weighing 700 grams. They also have identical case sizes with almost equal density.

However, upon closer inspection, it can be noticed that the Leopold FC660C case is somewhat larger than the FC660M case.

Moreover, the mini-USB connector on the FC660C is located somewhat farther towards the left on the right of the keyboard.

The two keyboards also have different locations of the DIP switches. The two Leopolds also have different pedigrees.

The actual difference between the Leopold FC660C and FC660M is in regards to typing. The FC660C has Topre switches with an upscale experience while the FC660M has Cherry switches which feel somewhat cheaper.

Typing on the FC660C feels luxurious while typing on the other one feels like any other Cherry MX mechanical keyboard.

Leopold FC660C vs HHKB

While Leopold FC660C is an excellent choice for mechanical keyboards, the HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard) models also make great alternatives.

They utilize capacitive switches that provide an unbeatable typing experience with appealing sound and smooth key presses.

Both Leopold and HHKB use the same weight on the keys and deliver a similar typing experience.

HHKB keys are made using top-quality PBT to keep the key texture dry and shine-resistant.

Leopold FC660c Vs HHKB

Just like Leopold FC660C, the HHKB keyboard has an attractive minimalist design with 60 key layout for portability, space-saving and ease of use.

It also has a contoured frame and the key settings help reduce fatigue. Both these keyboards suit advanced coding and programming without stressing on hands.

They also feature DIP switches for customizable user experience. The HHKB keyboard also offers three adjustable heights for maximum comfort.

Both of these keyboards are a great choice. You need to think about what you are looking for in a mechanical keyboard.

Compare these features and make a decision that you are not going to regret.


The Leopold FC660C is an amazing choice for a mechanical keyboard with everything one would want for a smooth typing experience.

It offers better tactile feedback and is quite silent. The design is pretty pleasant with portability and durability.

It is a high-quality option for all those who are looking for the perfect typing and gaming keyboard.

Alongside the DIP switches and tons of sleek color options, you can not go wrong if you choose this keyboard.