Bright Laptop Keyboard

Choose Best Laptop Keyboard for Daily Use

The keyboard is the main part of the laptop that you always use no matter what. It is vital in supporting all work, productivity and entertainment. Due to this, you must ensure that the laptop keyboard you choose is comfortable and reliable when you use it.

If it’s not, perhaps you should should consider making your own custom mechanical keyboard to use with your laptop.

Yes, a right keyboard can actually provide the best results for its users. However, among the many laptops currently in circulation, which one has the best keyboard? Here are some tips from to help choose the best laptop keyboard for your needs.

Choice of button mechanisms

At present, there are two main types of keyboard key mechanisms that are used on laptops. They are scissor keys and mechanical keys.

Scissor keyboards usually have good tactile-feedback to be responsive to finger pressure. The design is also ergonomically superior, so you can type faster without the need to spend more energy. Therefore, a tactile sensation keyboard is very beneficial if you are a writer, computer programmer, or have another job that requires you to type for a very long time every day.

As for a mechanical keyboard, it also generally has good tactile sensation characteristics. However, it feels more solid because it puts a spring on each button and has an optimal actuation distance.

This is what makes the mechanical keyboard more attractive to many gamers, as it produces exceptional performance, responsiveness, and durability. Mechanical keys are less popular for laptop manufacturers so they’re not as easy to find.

Pay attention to the palm rest

Although it’s overlooked often, the area under the keyboard (palm rest) actually helps determine the comfort of typing or playing games on a notebook.

Therefore, you must make sure that both of your wrists rest on the palm rest. If the hand hangs at the edge of the laptop, it can actually cause tension and injury to the muscles of your wrists, arms, and shoulders.

Playing games or working will also make you feel uncomfortable. You can also purchase an external wrist rest but they are usually not well compatible with laptops or notebooks. And carrying one around also kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop.

Large Laptop Palm Rest

The distance between laptop keyboard keys

For an office worker who is always typing for hours on end, the distance on between button is very important to note.

In order to be comfortable when computing, the keyboard must have a distance between the keys (travel distance) with a standard size, which is 18-19 millimeters. While the distance between lines must range between 18-21 millimeters.

With this measure, you can not only feel the sensation of typing more accurately but also reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or injury around the joints due to typing for too long.

Even so, there are some gamers who prefer a button with a wider distance because they feel pressing the button is more appropriate when it comes to putting control over the game. So, it would be nice to adjust it to your comfort level.

Location of the Touch Pad

The touch pad or track pad is a vital part of every laptop. It is located just under the keyboard which is why it should be taken into consideration.

There are various sizes of the the pad, varying greatly between different makes and models. They’re usually bigger and more forgiving on bigger laptops, giving more room for hands while typing.

Some cheaper laptops might have problems with the mouse activating while typing if your palms hit the pad, which can be very annoying.

It’s a good idea to look at some reviews to make sure there are no issues with the keyboard and mouse positions.

Large Laptop Touch Pad

With or without a Numpad?

Another addition to some laptop keyboards is the number pad. It is often located on the right side of the keyboard allowing for easier numeric inputs.

Most laptops don’t come with a numpad because it takes a lot of space. Sometimes it’s crammed in just for the sake of it and is very inconvenient to use.

If you use one daily, make sure the model includes it. For most users it’s better to make sure the laptop keyboard doesn’t include a numpad, as this allows for more spread out keys and easier typing.

You can always buy a separate Bluetooth numpad if you need one and don’t want it integrated into the laptop keyboard.

Lighting and LED’s under the keys

In the recent years lighting has become more popular for all types of keyboards. It’s more common to see RGB lights on mechanical keyboards, but newer laptops often have back-lit keys.

They’re great not only for looks but for typing as well. This is of great help when typing in a dark environment or in the evening.

Most users, myself included, can not live without back-lit keys on a laptop keyboard. It might add a little premium to the price but it is well worth it.

You should be able to figure out what kind of laptop is optimal for your needs with these tips. Of course a lot of these options also depend on your budget.

These guidelines are meant to give you a general picture of what you should be looking for.